Beauty, Bird Banding and More!

Been busier than a bee here but working hard never hurt anyone, right?

This weekend I had the opportunity to go with my Dad to the Sandbluff Bird Banding station in IL.  It's the first time getting there although I had talked about it for a couple of years now.  It's a station where they actually collect birds and put little bands on their legs that contain numbers for tracking.  In this way, they are able to track the birds' migrations and populations.  They offer training sessions once a season, and this weekend it took place...with my being there...yay!!  Not to mention, I'm now highly recommended to be volunteering somewhere as part of my Graduate Degree class called Environmental I made it (it's actually quite a far drive from my house)...

Once there we learned how they collect birds in mist nets, they take the birds back to the station where they sit down and actually put the band on the bird, take various measurements (wing size, sex, etc.).  They then release the birds back outside where they *hopefully* won't get caught in another mist net before they end up heading out of the area.


Bird caught in mist net

Woodpecker being banded

Banding is done...Woodpecker ready to be released!

A Tennessee Warbler that was banded...close to 120-130 different birds can be caught!

Outside the window at a Hummingbird Dad was just so enthralled!

My Dad and I at the station...good times!

Well worth the time spent going and I'll be headed back there to complete some research I will be doing for a school project.  I'll be correlating West Nile Virus levels in humans to those in birds.  LOL

Since I'm here...will also share some of the latest products I have found useful and that I love!

Solar Oil for cuticles has been a must for me cuticles were getting to be so ragged??  And Kendras Heat Spray for protecting my hair when I use the flat iron.  This stuff just smells so amazing to me!

These are great for getting makeup off at night, smell great and the package is recycleable!

Off to the gym's 5:30 in the am...I know!  Crazy!  But going in the am is so much easier than going after a day of working...for me :)

Best Wishes!



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