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Environmentally Fashionable/Globally Healthy, Volume 2

I've been looking all over for more environmentally friendly/animal friendly cosmetics...and decided to try the line sold at Whole Foods called ZuZu Luxe Makeup.  However, I discovered that most of their products contain palm oil.  Palm oil can be listed as an ingredient in many ways including: Emulsifier 422Cetyl palmitate and octyl palmitateElaesis guineensisHexadecyclic or palmitic acidHydrated palm glyceridesPalm oil kernelPalmateWell, let me tell you!  I was not going to be having any of that...palm oil is used in so many of the daily products we use such as soaps, cleaners, fuel, makeup, processed foods, etc. 
What is Palm Oil? Palm oil is an edible form of vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the oil palm, prevalent in Indonesia and Malaysia where 80 per cent of the world’s supply of palm oil is produced.
However, it's usage is destroying rainforests, habitats...and a lot of times, orangutans are killed merely because they are in the way of harvesters..…