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Goodbye 2011!

It's been a while since I last posted...and I'm sorry for that!  I guess I just kind of have forgotten!  I wanted to share with you though some things I have going on, some tips and other goodies!
Just recently I have started my own network called Environmentally fashionable/Globally Healthy.  I will be highlighting all things Green, Fashionable and Fit!  Through my friend Candy, I was given the nickname Miss Green Queen...and hence my Miss Green Queen tips!  Check out the Twitter page for tips!  
Environmentally fashionable/Globally Healthy Twitter Account

Pertinent to the holiday season, today's Green Queen Tip is to recycle your dead Christmas lights that you would normally just throw in the trash.  I know, we intend to try to make them work again, but then time slips away and we are frantic with running they just get tossed!  Easy and done!  However, check into your city that you live in.  Most offer collection locations t…