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December Delight!

Oh my!  How the time has flown...even the holidays are drawing to a close.  I gotta admit, I do love the routine of regular life, regular clean eating and working can I say, "Welcome 2010!"

The last quarter of this year saw me participating in the FMI Conference...a wonderful three-day seminar where we did several shoots and learned everything under the sun regarding making your mark in the fitness industry.  There I got to work with photographer greats Mike Byerly, Harvey Elkins and Russ Elloway!  Guest speakers were abundant...too numerous to name them all but included Clark Bartram, Adam Silver and Elisabetta Rogiani the designer!  FMI Website!

I continue to write articles for fitness-related topics and have recently become a guest writer for Clark Bartram's Website .  I love writing actually!  Please feel free to drop me a line if there's ever a certain topic you would be most interested in hearing about.  To contact me, go directly off my website Natalie…