Environmentally Fashionable/Globally Healthy, Volume 2

     I've been looking all over for more environmentally friendly/animal friendly cosmetics...and decided to try the line sold at Whole Foods called ZuZu Luxe Makeup.  However, I discovered that most of their products contain palm oil.  Palm oil can be listed as an ingredient in many ways including:
  • Emulsifier 422
  • Cetyl palmitate and octyl palmitate
  • Elaesis guineensis
  • Hexadecyclic or palmitic acid
  • Hydrated palm glycerides
  • Palm oil kernel
  • Palmate
Well, let me tell you!  I was not going to be having any of that...palm oil is used in so many of the daily products we use such as soaps, cleaners, fuel, makeup, processed foods, etc. 

What is Palm Oil?
Palm oil is an edible form of vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the oil palm, prevalent in Indonesia and Malaysia where 80 per cent of the world’s supply of palm oil is produced.

However, it's usage is destroying rainforests, habitats...and a lot of times, orangutans are killed merely because they are in the way of harvesters... 

So!  I went with this!  LUSH!  A green company that is also animal friendly!  I haven't tried their whole line yet but this bubblegum lip scrub is scrumptious!!

I get asked a lot how do I prepare for a photoshoot?  I've had an interest in modeling for a very long time...and have been collecting images over the years and organizing them into my Look Book into different sections.  I have sections for posing, hair styles, makeup ideas, outfits, covers I liked and a section for images overall that I just enjoy.  I use this book whenever I am looking for ideas on how to dress for a shoot or poses that I might like to try...as a photographer I would also use it to help some of the models, especially the younger ones, get a feel for what posing is good for the type of modeling they are looking to get in to...and believe me...this book is no where near complete!  I still continually rip out pages while people wonder and watch what I'm doing at work...right now those pages are just in a big bag waiting to get filed into the Look Book...or discarded if I decide I didn't like them that much afterall..

I want to introduce to you my friend Jeanine!  She is a shark expert and lover...I had her write up an article on Sharks as a feature to Environmentally Fashionable/Globally Healthy!

Stats on Sharks by Jeanine Landau Stright

Well, that's it for now!!  Best Wishes!  Natalie Lynn


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