So Springy!

What a day this has been today...the only day of the weekend where I wasn't plagued with a migraine...and I made great use of it!  Got my taxes done, sent in for my NASM Personal Trainer recert completion, met up with some Savage Girls, did my own cardio, errands and some shopping with Mom!  And the sun was out...such a beautiful day!

I remember my days of tanning in the booth...and oh, yes, I still miss them!  But after my bout of skin cancer on my face...never again!  It did take me five doctors before I found the most amazing one that wouldn't disfigure me (could you imagine???)...I think about this every morning as I am getting ready to start my day.  EVERY day I apply sunscreen to my face and any other skin that might be exposed through the day (my left arm tends to get it too with the window on the driver's side always being open).  My favorite sunscreen has been Clarins.  Not too stinky, clear and non-greasy so I put my makeup on right over it!  Through all of this I have also learned the importance of taking extra special care with scars.  These areas of scarred skin are extra sensitive to the sun (think baby skin) and therefore must be protected with the highest level of protection at least 5 years after scarring.  Because this "baby skin" is more sensitive to the sun, it can be more prone to sun damage, i.e. cancer.  I am no doctor but preach from my experience :)  My skin cancer was on a part of my nose that had been badly scarred by a dog bite to the nose.  A year later I had gotten sun poisoning, every part of me was badly burned.  15 years later, voila!  Cancer!  LOL!  So please heed my warning and just spray yourselves :)

The beginning of 2010 held some fun events for me including being involved in the February 2010 issue of Fashion Chicago Magazine doing a lingerie layout for 

Also in February, I was seen on the ABC reality show "Shark Tank", the season finale!  I have a few cameos, including one showing my catch it quick!  LOL!!  Click on the link...I'm with Nicole the Chicago shoe lady and am one of her home shoe party conspirators!Shark Tank Find Episode 115, 19:00 on...

If you know me well enough, you know that I am much into saving our environment as it is...and to help all the little (and big) animals to survive...not to mention...I am a big Recycling freak and I am always trying to encourage others to do the same!  Check out the geek holding the box of garbage in about the third story!!! Green Patriot Article

The Performance Network, an awesome website, recently featured me in an interview...I dare you to read it to see if you can learn anything new about me :)  The Performance Network last shot of me in all my geekiness!!  But yes!!  I thought the best way to recycle all the plastic cups I use at Lifetime Fitness when I purchase my shakes twice a day, is NOT TO USE them!  So now I bring my own mug....drink, rinse and go till the next one!

Have a Great Easter!!!

xo...Natalie Lynn


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