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Audacious August

Oh my! We are already into the dog days of summer and how quickly it is passing us by!!! As you may or may not know, one of my nicknames is "Green Queen"...more or less because I will recycle everything I can even if it means driving to another facility that only takes certain items (I get this from my Dad!!). I will do anything in my power to preserve the planet and all living things on it...and hopefully others will join me too! I am working to put together another gathering for some Seed Gathering in the fall in the northwest suburbs of, if you are interested in becoming a part of the process, please feel free to email me at so that I can get you on the information list!!
This summer started of with me, Tommy and a bunch of other girls from the Chicago Cathy Savage Fitness group, alongwith the Illlinois Prairie Stewards, planting a bunch of rare seedling plants that are so needed to keep up the natural flora, in addition to helping the loca…

So Springy!

What a day this has been today...the only day of the weekend where I wasn't plagued with a migraine...and I made great use of it!  Got my taxes done, sent in for my NASM Personal Trainer recert completion, met up with some Savage Girls, did my own cardio, errands and some shopping with Mom!  And the sun was out...such a beautiful day!

I remember my days of tanning in the booth...and oh, yes, I still miss them!  But after my bout of skin cancer on my face...never again!  It did take me five doctors before I found the most amazing one that wouldn't disfigure me (could you imagine???)...I think about this every morning as I am getting ready to start my day.  EVERY day I apply sunscreen to my face and any other skin that might be exposed through the day (my left arm tends to get it too with the window on the driver's side always being open).  My favorite sunscreen has been Clarins.  Not too stinky, clear and non-greasy so I put my makeup on right over it!  Through all of this …